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École Maternelle

L'école Cadet Rousselle
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The School

The School


Welcome to L’ecole Cadet Rousselle

L’école Cadet Rousselle was created in September 2007 by Beatrice Ricard, a mum of 3 and an experienced teacher, to meet the increasing demand of the francophone community for a French pre school in South East London.

L'école Cadet Rousselle welcomes a small number of pupils aged 2 to 5 and offer them a French education in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The teaching team follows the educational programme as set by the French Department for Education. This is complemented with the EYFS objectives. The school is registered and regulated by Ofsted, Lambeth Council Early year Department and the department for Education and Skills (DfES).


Our Philosophy

L’école maternelle is an important stage in the life of a child. It promotes the awakening of the personality of children, stimulates their sensory, motor, cognitive and social development, develop self esteem and contributes to their emotional development.

The school seeks to develop in each child the desire and the pleasure of learning in order to enable them to gradually become pupils in a nurturing and a friendly environment.



“Caring and sensitive staff provide a nurturing environment, which successfully promotes children's sense of belonging and well-being. Children thoroughly enjoy their time at l’Ecole Cadet Rousselle.”
“Partnerships with parents are strong and this ensures that children are able to settle in well, have a smooth transition within the nursery and a successful move onto school.”

Ofsted report 26/11/2013

"Un énorme merci pour les 2 années formidables que Nieve a passe a l'école Cadet Rousselle. Je remercie chaleureusement les enseignantes, Bea, Fatima et Eugénie pour leur dévouement auprès des enfants, leur engagement quotidien, leur disponibilité et leur joie de vivre. Cadet Rousselle est une école unique  a Londres, une "vraie" petite école maternelle française. Nieve suit maintenant le gout’ école le mardi soir ce qui lui permet de rester en contact avec ses anciennes petites copines et de maintenir son français. Deux mots pour conclure: bravo et merci. "

Anne Kearney, maman de Nieve 4 ans

"Mes deux filles sont passées par l'Ecole Cadet Rousselle, elles étaient ravies d'y aller et en gardent encore de très bons souvenirs et y retournerait si elles pouvaient !"  

Sabrina B, maman de Sanae 8ans et Esmee 6 ans